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AWS Training in Hyderabad by Educalf is the best AWS training as it has multiple benefits for the students(both freshers and experienced candidates).Expert guidance with proper practical sessions along with the Real Time Live projects is our speciality. Our Real Time trainers cover different Hands-On projects which indeed give the students a broad view on all types of Real Time Scenarios. Both Offline and Online trainings are available. With our web-based AWS preparing program, you will dominate AWS worldwide foundation, AWS cloud engineering, AWS relocation apparatuses, and other specialized skills.Join Us now to start a remarkable learning journey.



AWS Overview </h3 > Educalf delivers the Best Online and Offline AWS Training in Hyderabad with high interactive practical sessions along with real time scenarios. Practical Assignments are made sure after completion of every topic with real time scenarios and industry-oriented methodologies. Whether you’re looking to build a career in cloud computing or seeking to enhance your existing skill set, our AWS Training in Hyderabad ensures you with the knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to harness the full potential of AWS in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.With Live projects and real time scenarios and examples, you are going to experience the best AWS training with Educalf. Our learning program takes you from very scratch to the advanced level of the technology.This AWS Course will give you the opportunity to get trained by industry experts with 10+ years of experience.

Course Typically Covers </h3 > The AWS Solutions Architect – Associate course is designed to help individuals gain a typical understanding of the AWS platform. Our course is designed to guide you in learning how to design and deploy scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant systems on the platform. The course typically covers: 1. AWS core services: Understanding the key services offered by AWS including compute, storage & networking. 2. Designing highly available and fault-tolerant systems: Learn how to design systems that can withstand failures and continue to function. 3. Security and compliance: Learn about security best practices and compliance requirements for AWS. 4. Cost optimization: Learn how to optimize the cost of running systems on AWS.

Affordable AWS training in Hyderabad </h3 > At Educalf, we have the affordable AWS online and offline course that typically includes hands-on labs, practical sessions and other interactive elements to help students apply what they learn to real-world scenarios at very affordable level.Our intent is to make every technical aspirant Industry Ready by providing the efficient knowledge.The AWS course by Educalf has been designed according to user convenience with term session videos that can be viewed as per the user’s comfort. The concise videos help in the easy grasping of information and fast retrieval during knowledge checks. The reading material covers the knowledge points step by step manner, strategically designed by experts to help you ace the AWS learning path. Course is available in both Offline and Online modes.Our Offline branches are located in Hyderabad. The training course will accredit users with the ability to effectively design and manage the robust application of the AWS cloud. AWS course is designed to benefit the clients with latest and trending information about the AWS cloud. The training course makes use of real-time scenarios to educate the users and help them develop a functional understanding of the AWS cloud platform. The curated learning path by Educalf helps users to develop a mind map of the AWS cloud which helps in retaining the information quickly. This course will help you understand the roles and responsibilities of an Amazon Solutions Architect professional and their day-to-day work life in the industry. Educalf’s AWS training in Hyderabad keeps you abreast of the technological developments in the industry and assists you in comprehending information faster.The entire course is synchronized with the AWS Educational Programs that encourage and help in grabbing the best job opportunities in the top MNCs and fast-growing start-ups.

Why Educalf’s AWS Training? </h3 >

  • The learning process is designed to create a clear vision on the technology.
  • Live video Recordings to view as per student convenience.
  • Training material developed by industry professionals.
  • Access to 24/7 support and course material.
  • Live Projects with complete real time scenarios.
  • 100% Job assistance in searching the right job opportunities.
  • Courses are available in both Offline and Online modes where Offline location is Hyderabad and Online students can join from anywhere.

What are the pre-requisites to take the AWS Training? </h3 >

  • No programming knowledge is required to join the training program.
  • No prior cloud computing experience is required.
  • No prior AWS experience is required to become an AWS Architect Professional.

Scope of Amazon Web Services </h3 >

It is a constantly evolving platform with more than 1 million clients across the globe.
With its global usage and vaired benefits, AWS is going to lead the IT industry dfor the next 10+ years.
With a global presence, Amazon has 76 availability zones across 24 geographic locations with more than 200 edge locations.
Amazon has a global footprint with clients ranging from top MNCs to fast-growing start-ups.
Amazon is the largest cloud-based platform capturing multiple domains and is still growing.

Who should take AWS Training in Hyderabad? </h3 >

f you are a technical aspirant and want to explore on Cloud computing with AWS Cloud platform, you can choose it for a bright career ahead.

If you are a fresher and want to explore Cloud technologies and set-up your career as Cloud developer/Engineer, then you are on the right place to start!

If you are an expeienced person and want to switch to Cloud domain with AWS being your preference, your profile is going to be a pick for further more MNC’s with better oppurtunities.

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      Course Fee and Duration


      ₹ 10,000/-
      • Duration: 45 Hrs
      • Lifetime Free Upgrade
      • Reference Documents
      • Hands-On Live Projects
      • 24*7 Support & Lab Access
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      ₹ 10,000/-
      • Duration: 45 Hrs
      • Lifetime Free Upgrade
      • Reference Documents
      • Daily Live Video Recordings
      • Hands-On Live Projects
      • 24*7 Support
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      • Customized Training Delivery Model
      • Flexible Training Schedule
      • Industry Experienced Trainers
      • 24x7 Support
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      Course Curriculum


      • What is Cloud?
      • Evolution of Cloud Computing
      • IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service)
      • SAAS (Software as a Service)
      • PAAS (Platform as a service)

      Services With Hands-On

      • Elastic Cloud Computer Intro
      • Elastic Cloud Computer – Hands-on
      • Elastic Block storage Intro
      • Elastic Block storage – Hands-on
      • Elastic IP -intro
      • Elastic IP -Hands On
      • Elastic Block Store Migration -Intro
      • Elastic Block Store Migration – Hands On
      • Snapshots Intro
      • Snapshots – Hands On
      • Snapshots Migration to other Region -Hands On
      • Security Groups -Intro
      • Security Groups – Hands On
      • EC2 image Builder -intro
      • EC2 image Builder Hands On
      • Placement Groups intro
      • Shut Down Behavior & Termination protection intro
      • Shut Down Behavior Termination Protection Hands On
      • CloudWatch Metrics Intro
      • CloudWatch Metrics -Hands On
      • EC2-Instance Check status intro
      • AMI -Intro
      • AMI -Hands On
      • System Manger – intro
      • System Manger Run Command – Hands On
      • System Manger Patch Base Line – Hands On
      • System Manger Fleet-Manager
      • System Manager Patch Manager Intro
      • System Manager Patch Manager Hands On
      • System Manager Session Manger Hands On
      • System Manager Hybrid Activations from Azure or GCP Hands On
      • System Manger Quick Setup Hands On
      • System Manager Maintenance Window Hands On
      • Identity Access Management – intro
      • IAM – User Creation – Hands On
      • IAM – Group Creation adding user – Hands On
      • IAM – Enable Multifactor Authenticator – Hands On
      • IAM – Programmatic Access keys Generations – Intro
      • IAM – Programmatic Access keys Generations – Hands On
      • S3 Bucket intro
      • S3 Bucket Hands On
      • S3 Bucket Replication Hands On
      • S3 Bucket Version Hands on
      • AWS Backup Intro
      • AWS Backup Hands On
      • AWS EKS cluster Intro
      • AWS EKS Cluster Hands On
      • AWS VPC Intro
      • AWS VPC hands On
      • AWS Code Commit intro
      • AWS code Commit Hands On
      • AWS EFS intro
      • AWS EFS Hands On
      • AWS load Balancer
      • AWS load Balancer Hands On
      • AWS Elastic bean Stack
      • AWS Cloud Formation

      Key Features


      On successful completion of the course, you will receive a course completion certification from Educalf Software Training Institute, recognized and valued by leading companies in the industry.Our certifications validate your skills and make you stand out in the job market.

      Course FAQ

      Here are the features you must have on your PC for online training: Operating System: Windows XP or newer Browser: Internet Explorer 6.x or newer CPU: P350 MHz, recommended P500+ MHz Memory: 128 MB, recommended 256+ MB RAM Free Disk Space: 40 MB, recommended 200+ MB for content and recordings Internet Connection: 28.8 Kbps, recommended 128+ Kbps Monitor: 16 bit colors Other: Sound card, microphone, and speakers or headset with microphone
      Attending live classes requires a minimum of 1Mbps internet connectivity. Students can participate in live sessions even if their internet connection is slow.
      Some of the major benefits of online training are: Complete interaction – Web-conferencing and two-way voice over the internet technology. This platform allows participants to ask questions and engage with one another in an online virtual arena, while also allowing the online trainer to respond to questions, take simulations, and receive quick feedback. The trainer's desktop is visible to all trainees, and vice versa. No travel required – Courses can be completed from home, at work, or anywhere else with an Internet connection. Attending a training program does not require travel to a specific location. The corporation saves money on overhead, which is passed on to the trainees. Projects do not have to be placed on hold while participants train because of shorter course schedules for special firms. Complete attendance – All participants receive stored video-recorded sessions with online training. Streaming video recording links are placed on the Training blog after each session. Participants can watch these sessions after class to review what they learned or make up for a missed class. After the session, you will have access to digital recordings, making it simple to evaluate what you studied. Globalized joinings – Without needing to fly, you can enroll in an online instructor-led course from anywhere on the globe. Trainees can come from the United States, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Australia, India, and many other nations. Affordability – Classroom sessions can be costly. You are responsible for paying for your hotel, food, travel, and course fees. All of those extra expenses quickly add up to more than $5,000. Online training is less expensive and costs a fraction of what classroom training does. Expert trainers – If you're attending a classroom course, you can only learn from the greatest professors in the vicinity. In the case of online training, this is not the case. Using the internet, we hire and collaborate with the best trainers all around the world. Career intensified – The online IT training courses are tailored to activities, assignments, or projects you complete for employers on the job, ensuring that the new skills you learn are immediately applicable to your career or workplace. Quicker sessions – The trainees will have more time to absorb the principles and drill from the tasks, as well as be prepared for the following sessions, if the lessons are shorter. Each online training session lasts about 2-3 hours and only takes up to 10 hours each week. Classes are spaced 2-3 days apart to allow for practice.
      Absolutely, you will work on case studies/projects to assist you to put your newly acquired skills and knowledge into practice at the end of the training course.
      Yes, we can certainly provide you some recordings from prior sessions for reference.
      To know more about our Terms of Service, including the Refund and Rescheduling policy, please visit our website and connect with us.
      At the end of the training program, you will receive a soft copy of the Educalf course completion certificate by e-mail.
      Our support team will send an email to your registered email address after you have enrolled in the training program. The video link in the e-mail explains how to access the training program and information by logging onto our portal. This takes about 2-3 hours.
      Most of our courses are oriented toward getting you a job first and then getting certified. Once you complete the training, your instructor will offer all certification information so that you can assess each candidate's qualifications. We also offer Certification preparation study materials. Our instructors assist each student in becoming certified.
      Sorry, such services are not available with us. We are a renowned training company that will train you and help you improve your chosen talent. We will provide you with frequently requested interview questions. We can help you prepare for an interview by providing Mock Interviews, but we do not conduct (PROXY INTERVIEW) interviews on your behalf. By giving the greatest role-based training, we will ensure that you will face interviews as an experienced consultant with confidence. We'll make sure you don't have to go through a proxy interview.
      We'll show you some sample resumes and assist you through the process of creating a job application. However, due to legal limits, we will not draft your resume. It is your résumé, and we will advertise whatever you submit as your portfolio. Only questions from your resume are chosen by the interviewer. If you put up the work to create your resume, you will be able to confidently answer all of the interviewer's queries. We have a lot of resume examples. It will take you less than a minute to email you a changed resume.
      We offer 24 x 7 Support through Emails/Chat and Calls. Our skilled Team can never let go of Students and hence get satisfied with our set of skilled trainers to help trainees achieve the certification.
      We do not give reimbursement after employment as a corporate policy because you are paying for training and certification learning, not for placement services. Following the training process, you will be offered free portfolio preparation aid, career placement assistance, and recruitment through our sister consulting organizations. If you're looking for another choice, there are various other institutes that offer it online. If you require quality training, we would be delighted to assist you.
      To begin with, we DO NOT recommend or urge anyone to FAKE their resumes. Because we offer role-based training, you will be given real-time project assignments and case studies. This will help you grasp your roles and responsibilities in the context of a real project. Most of our students use this as experience and include it as a project on their resume; in addition, our candidates are given access to a variety of other real-time project-based case studies. We advise candidates to emphasize BA abilities learned during their past work experience as a QA when rewriting their resumes following their BA training. This will make it easier to concentrate on BA skills and land a BA job.

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      Course Reviews


      AWS Developer

      Enrolling in the AWS Course at Educalf was a rewarding experience. From fundamental concepts to advanced services like IAM and Terraform, the course was very intensive. Thankyou EDUCALF.


      Technical Lead

      Enrolling in Educalf's DevOps Course was one of the best decision I made for my career advancement.The course content was well-structured, covering everything from fundamental concepts to advanced tools & techniques in DevOps.



      Educalf's Data science course provided me a solid foundation in data science. The curriculum covered a wide range of topics including ML,AL,R language & python programming,statistical analysis and predictive modeling etc.,